Steer clear or stick around?

my ex and I split after two years+ together, and living together for a little less than a year. we have a 6 month old daughter together. we split because I crave attention and he thinks I want sex 'too much' so I left. I contacted his ex best friend of 5yrs. they quit being friends about a month before the split, because my ex talked trash. we've always had a thing for each other, but we couldn't say anything, for obvious reasons. he ended up hooking up, doing everything. now he says he can't date me, because it wouldn't be right to my ex. but he didn't care about my ex when he was having sex with me. he says he wants to be best friends, because we've always been really close, and we've always been there for each other. he says I'm the closest he has and he freaks out every time I say "maybe we should just stay away from each other". I think in the back of my mind, that I have been completely played. beyond belief played and I was just a booty call. should I steer clear or stick around? I have hopes he'll end up falling for me, but I don't want to just end up getting hurt in the long run.


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  • Well congrats on finding out that guys will have sex with a girl yet not date her. Stunning break through and almost unheard of.

    • It's stupid and it's retarded. guys are d***s. end of story.

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    • Im not fighting, I'm judging.

    • You aren't the first, nor the last. have at it, buddy.

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