Guys, My ex won't look at me even though he broke up with me?

I dated a guy pretty intensely for about 7 months. It was a very committed relationship. We are both in our twenties and I'm the first girl to ever meet his parents, and I'm the longest girl he's ever dated. We had our ups and downs but we always work through everything because we cared so much about each other. One day we got in a fight and he got fed up and the day after he heard some life changing news so we broke up. We we were without contact for 3 weeks even when I did see him he wouldn't even look at me or acknowledge me. I saw him at work (we work in the same place) and he looked thin and just awful. So I broke contact and made him and gift and he was so happy. We started talking again, going to lunch and dinner. We wanted to take things slow. Then when I asked him what we were doing he said he didn't want me anymore and his main reason was because of the career field in going into. (Which was the same as his so I thought that was pretty shallow) . So now when I go into the office or what not he won't even look me in the eyes AGAIN or acknowledge me. What could be going on in his head? I miss him and still want him.


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  • No you don't. Your first fuckup was dating a coworker. Your second fuckup was taking him back. Your third fuckup is wanting him again. After two times it should be obvious it isn't meant to be or will work but if you want to keep trying to stick that square peg in the round hole then knock yourself out


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