Should I Go Ahead And File For Divorce?

It's going on two weeks since me and my girlfriend have gotten married I'm 25 and she's only 22. Before our marriage there wasn't really any major problems just a few arguments here and there but it was mostly about why I wouldn't call her when I'm out and about somewhere. Over these two weeks we've been married it's been complete hell.

It wasn't until Wednesday of the first week she got on my case about my sister texting my phone, she was thinking it was some other woman so I explained to her who it was but she just completely ignored me throwing my stuff out in the front yard but I was able to calm her down eventually. Friday that same week she started being increasingly clingy simply grabbing my hand in a forceful manner or grabbing onto me in the same way whenever we are out and about wanting me to follow where ever she goes, bathroom, store, etc.

The 2nd week is when things became hellish it was Tuesday and my ex called my phone asking me questions like "Why didn't you invite me the wedding" she kept going on and on then my wife came home and pulled the phone out my hands and began cursing out at my ex. Next thing I know she throws the phone at the wall then begins clawing at me I had so many scratches but not all of them were bloody but I eventually left her there in the house, returning the next day I apologized to her in order to keep the peace and I explained the situation and she looked as if she was crying recently but she seemed to have calmed.

She's still clingy and sometimes likes to talk about death for hours on end. One other thing I should point out which is probably nothing, all she wants to do at night and sometimes in the day is have sex almost constantly but it's not everyday maybe 2 days straight then stop for a day then another 2 more days, sometimes at night I have to leave the home and go over to a friends house just so I can get some sleep


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  • Wow... your newlywed sounds mentally unstable, and if you don't do something real quick it'll turn out worse. She is VERY INSECURE. She won't let you breathe. Divorce divorce and divorce.

    What's your family think?

    • Family saying about the same thing... divorce

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  • You should get the marriage annulled while you can. I think two weeks is fair game. It's not a divorce, it's an annulment. Like it never happen. Don't get her pregnant whatever you do!!! If she's talking about death and attacking you, the bitch is nuts and only a matter of time till she runs off with some drug dealer.

    • I get what you are saying and people may be wondering why I'm even asking this question I should just leave her. But you see I'm afraid if I just up and put a complete end to our "relationship" she might commit suicide or hurt herself in some way then I'll be feeling responsible.

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    • I'm going to probably for go for the annulment but I'll give it one more week like you said. You telling me about your situation I'm not sure if my wife is on any drugs although I would not be surprised.

    • It was pharmaceuticals. Lots of girls are hooked. Doctors giving too many pills to rich girls. It's really hard, but if she's unhinged, you can't really fix crazy. Talk to her family if you can. Good luck.

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  • I this this woman is depressed I think you should be helping her to see what the problem is. If you love her you would

    • she's not depressed, thats for sure. those symptoms do not show depression.

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    • Yes it is depression and personality disorder because she sounds very alike to me and I suffer with both of those things. I talk about death a lot to. If you love try get to the bottom of it. Tell her to get help of some sort.

    • I'm telling you 10000000 percent she has depression , she's not happy. I think it clearly obvious

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  • If this isn't a troll post then what. The. Fuck. Did you marry?

    How long were you two together before getting married?

    • We were together for a month before we got married. And I wish I was trolling but I'm really considering just ending this because I'd think it'll be hard trying to sort this out.

    • Why would you get married after one month? How does that even happen? Get an annulment and learn from this. Never get married until you've been with a chick for at least 4 years.

    • Stupid mistake on my part I know and that's something I may plan on doing.

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