Have You Ever Stopped Trying (with someone you love)?

Have you ever just stopped trying with someone you were really in love with? Not because you don't love them anymore, but because it was the only option.


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  • Yes, I've learned lately that it's not worth it to keep trying with someone who won't give you the time of day.

    Just recently I had to end things with a guy I was seeing. We weren't even official. But this guy and me were talking on a daily basis. Only problem was that he would never make time to see me.

    The last time we saw each other was early July. I kept asking him when I could come see him and he would always have an excuse. Oh he was sick or he felt like crap, or he had a thing at a friend's or he was busy with laundry. Just stupid excuses. I wanted to be the cool, chill girl. So I didn't make a big deal about it.

    But it really picked at me. After a while, a few months I just decided to cut my ties. Yes I wasted too much time but I realized that this was no the type of relationship I wanted. I was miserable. And I am much happier now that I am done with this person.

    Dating is tough, but you just have to keep trying. If things aren't working and you aren't happy. End things and move on. It's not going to work most of the time. And I'm not saying you don't work on things. But this person I was with had no interest. I had explained how I was feeling and that I wanted to work on things. And I was just told that the person wasn't sure when they'd have time to work on things.

    So I just walked away. It's not worth it if it makes you unhappy. Do things you enjoy and don't let anyone threaten that happiness.


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  • yes, sometimes loving someone from a distance is the hardest choice to make.

    I had to do this. He was his own worst enemy, and there was nothing more I could do to help him. he had to help himself.

    he fell into great depression after I walked away.
    It took him 6 years to pick himself up.
    He still won't talk to me but I am very happy to know that he is finally doing well for himself.

    I've never stopped loving him, and I never will. I just had to learn to accept that I did the best thing for both of us.

  • No, but I may need to, we're not dating but things are so complicated

  • nope.


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