Messages from an ex?

About a year ago my ex left me without making it clear and I got the 'answer' secondhand from one of her friends. At that point we'd been dating for about a year and we argued a lot more during the last 6 months about the same thing: a friend of hers. This guy she always said was like a brother to her and constantly said l was paranoid to be worried about him and sure enough, after ditching me she dated him. Didn't even take a week. Well, at the end of our relationship she told me to stop talking to her, messaging, etc. And I did. We haven't talked in a year and out of the blue she sends me a message saying hi and such. After a few more messages it turns out she misses 'talking' to me and I don't want to worry my current Girlfriend so I told her she messaged me and even gave her the choice if I should talk to her or not, she left it to me so I'm asking you all what should be done because honestly my curiosity is driving me to see what she wants. Though I'd like to point out that she betrayed me so there is without a doubt no room for her in my personal life anymore, and never will be again (to be clear I mean I have no emotions favorable to her cause, whatever it may be). I also want to know what you all think it is she wants after all this time.


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  • Ignore them.


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