Should I break up with him?

I love my boyfriend so much we've been together 2 years now most of its been long distance since I'm finishing up university in another state... but I came to visit him, I was using his laptop and found that he has an okcupid account :( my heart dropped i read that he was going to meet someone up for sex , I found out out last week but I told him yesterday and he's just ignoring it saying it's not true he was only messing around but i don't believe him at all... I feel extremely hurt. I really do love him but this also makes me very angry I want to just block him everywhere but at the same time I still adore him.. please help I don't think I should talk it out with him any longer he's just making miserable.. but how will I get over this I'm tired of crying for him how can I be strong and not care about a guy like that he's also taking hours to respond now.., should I just block him
Should I break up with him?
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