Why am I not getting over my ex? How do I do it?

We broke up More than a year ago and im someone still hung up on him. It may seem like a stupid question to some people but i dont know whats wrong with me.


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  • It takes time. Everybody handles it differently. My ex and I broke up in June. I still miss him... I thought i would never get over him and I got sick of everyone saying I will and I'll find someone better. Its been over 4 months now. Still sad... but learning to live life without him. there's nothing wrong with you. Obviously you cared about him a lot and you guys had a bond. If you're still sad, be sad. If you're happy be happy. Just dont forget to live your life.

  • Just because you still make yourself believe that you love him and you can't find someone better won't let you forget him and move on even after 10 years after the breakup. I've been in the same situation as you before, but at the end you gonna just let it go, and suddenly it won't mean anything for you, you just have to keep yourself busy, work on your body, dress up and look sexy and go out with other guys on dates, and you will immediatly forget about him, I promise.

  • You must of really loved him or at least the memories. It's been just over two years and I'm not over my first ex

    • I believed he was my soulmate 😅
      Maybe because he was my first love that its so difficult for me. If you wanna share id be glad to hear your story

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    • His best friend who i still talk to. But i kinda dont want to talk to him because i feel like he might hate me

    • I don't think he would hate you. You can always see if you can go back to being friends and see what happens from there. I mean there is no harm in trying. And I think regretting something you didn't go is always worse than regretting something you did you because there will always be the what if's. Anyway it's better knowing whether or not he hates you rather than always wondering if he did or not. And if you don't get the courage to do something, nothing will ever change.

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