Girl friends mom forcing us to break up?

So I have been dating my girlfriend for almost nine months I'm a freshman in college and she's a sophomore we were in school together and fell in love. Well her mom has decided to break us up because she wants her daughter dating around with other guys and is forcing us to break up. My girlfriend loves me and I love her and we don't want to break up we love each other a lot and we don't find it fair and her mom no matter what won't change her mind. I love her so much and she does too. I don't think I could live seeing her with another man. And she doesn't want to date anyone else she said and I said the same thing we love each other and I have no idea what to do. Neither does she all we know is that we love each other so much. Someone please tell me what to do in this tough situation we only have 7 months left together and her mom is breaking us up at the end of the first week of summer. I love her but I just don't know what to do I have talked to her mom and so has she about how she feels I am just falling apart and so is she.
Girl friends mom forcing us to break up?
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