Do Text Your Ex Back guides work?

My boyfriend recently broke up with me 2 weeks ago, I was devastated but decided to break all contact with him to help myself get over it and get back to my former self.

I really do want to get back together with him and I have seen sooooooo many guides available online "Text Your Ex Back" "Ex Boyfriend Recovery" and so on that claim they can help get your ex back using series of text messages, usually for a cost of $47!

Do these guides actually work or are they just a scam that sucks people in knowing they are often desperate to get an ex back after a break up and will do/pay anything to do so?

Has anyone ever bought one?


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  • Don't do it, just go no contact with him and if he still loves and cares about you he will come around.

    • So don't contact him after the 30 days?
      Its his birthday next month should I text him then? It would be 40 days if I want till then.

    • Yeah, but if he doesn't respond just leave him alone

    • Yes I would anyway. Thank you

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  • ı think u must wait without doing nothing


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