Why do guys always tell me I'm too good for them?

This just happened again with someone I really liked and who had been, at one point, very openly interested in me. I know I'm different for a girl my age. I don't want to have sex until marriage, I don't drink or do drugs or swear or a lot of things. But beyond all that stuff there have been several guys who were super interested in me personality wise and physically and things were going great and then all the sudden, they pulled the "you're too good" card. And I don't mean good in the better than I deserve sense, I mean good by definition, like kind and stuff. I don't want to be a crappy person. I like the way I am. But why can't guys ever just appreciate that and tell I'm good enough? I would so much rather be good enough for someone than be too good and keep getting turned away just when I get invested? Tonight I was literally told that I did not suck enough and I treated him too well and that even though he really likes me he'd rather be with someone "worse." It's beyond frustrating and honestly hurtful and this is probably the fourth or fifth time this has happened to me.


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What Guys Said 2

  • They may think your out of their league, which is a high school mindset.

  • he just wants to hit it n quit it with no emotions attached


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  • I don't think this is something you can understand, because honestly, you haven't been hurt enough.

    It is very obvious that your parents loved you, and raised you to be a good girl. Don't change that. Not for anyone. Nobody on the plant is worth that. But something you're going to have to accept is that people are going to be deterred by you, because you are so whole. Love doesn't have a well known definition—most of us function off of what we have seen, not what it is. We accept the love we think we deserve.

    Wait for a good boy to take you out. Don't become something you're not, or you'll never get it back.

    And if you think I'm wrong, ask them what would make them feel better. Their answers most likely won't be love, that's for sure...


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