Was I right to block her?

Today, I finally decided to block my ex on FB (which is how she usually contacts me) after going over to their house to pick up the rest of my things. My friend came with me to pick some of my things up. My ex showed up as we were about to leave and didn't really say much to us. As we were driving back home, she texted my friend apologizing for seeming awkward while we were there. She told him it was hard for me to be there getting my things because she still had feelings for me and wasn't over me.

She later texted me saying just about the same thing, except for the part about still having feelings for me. She just said it was hard for her to deal with me being there and getting my things, so she had tried to avoid being there while I was there. Later on, she sent me a message saying, "You didn't block me did you? :(". I never replied.

The thing is, she is seeing another guy, who is partly to blame for us breaking up for the 2nd time. She was talking to this guy while we were seeing each other again after being broken up for a couple months prior. After the second breakup, I got a little clingy and tried to fix things, but gave up because she was saying things behind my back and making it seem like I was treating her badly. Also, we are currently going to college, so I occasionally see her and this guy together and know that they sleep in each other's dorms. She basically got angry that I was upset about her texting another guy pretty frequently while we were working at officially getting back together.

I decided to block her a month after this whole ordeal because she would sometimes message me about random things and send random pictures that she thought were funny. I blocked her because I'm trying to move on, but I definitely still have strong feelings for her as well. I sort of feel bad for blocking and ignoring her and don't know if I made the right decision because deep down, I still want things to work out between us.
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I mostly feel bad because just a couple weeks ago she told me that I would always be her best friend. I also didn't expect her to say she still had feelings for me and wasn't over me, despite seeing this other guy for almost a month now.
Was I right to block her?
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