Why hasn't my girlfriend who dumped me changing her FB profile picture?

It's been a week now since we broke up and she hasn't changed her fb profile picture yet which is the two of us together. I know this sounds dumb, but it's giving me false hope that she'll come back. I asked her to change it and she said no, she likes that picture.
She broke up with me because she started getting interested in other guys and it wasn't fair to me and she wanted to do her for a while since she was never ready for a relationship. We were together for a year and I gave her all of me and treated her very well and she did the same. I fell deeply in love with her and I wasn't expecting the break-up so it hit me like a truck. I tried winning her back but I just made things worse.
Her profile pic though is really doing my head in, I just don't understand why she hasn't changed it other than she's still unsure over her decision and that's giving me false hope. I don't want to be hopeful, I just want to move on from her because she broke my heart more than I ever though possible.


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  • Maybe she's finding it difficult to fully let go. You can't just shut off your feelings for someone after a breakup, even if " you" are the one that ended it. Or she could just be being stubborn and mean.. considering you want her to remove it. It's difficult to say without knowing her personality type

    If you want to let go and move on, then the only way that's possible is to cut all means of contact, remove all traces of her from your life and from social media.

    Get rid of pics, messages or anything of sentimental value , because people feed their memories by reminiscing. Those thoughts and memories feed the pain and keep it raw.

    You're only holding onto someone who's already let you go. You should do the same

    • I want her back though, I know I shouldn't but I can't help it, I'm really in love with her. That pic just strings me along so much and when she changes the pic, I'm going to be crushed again.

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    • It's true what they say... you'll never find the right person if you're still holding onto the wrong one. The right person is someone who loves you wholeheartedly

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  • You can't just win people back. They either want to be kept or they don't. Simply this, she was just fooling around and she knew exactly what she was doing. The best thing you can do, is to kindly tell her to remove you from her profile picture. And just call it a day. You have to let her go. Because you can't be hopeful over somebody who just wants to fool around a play games. Its not worth it. You deserve better than that.

  • She still loves you a week isn't that long after a break up. How was she showing interest in other guys? Maybe she's trying to prove to you that she doesn't care about other guys but you and probably showing other guys that her heart is still taken. If you guys were together for a long time then there's a chance you guys will get back together. When two people love each other hearts always find their ways back. Don't give up hope if you still love her.

    • I'm crazy in love with her and I've been acting like a lunatic ever since the break-up. I've never been a bigger mess, think 500 days of summer. I want her back and have tried but she's not budging.

    • Don't try. Wait until she tries. But don't give up hope. The way to get someones attention is to stop giving them yours. It always works out that way as sad as it sounds :(

    • I don't have the time to wait a couple months for her to miss me. She's moving to another country in about 4months and I'm going to be visiting family for about a month. I knew she was leaving for a long time, we agreed on breaking up when she left. That's what hurts most, she broke up even though we were really going to be together for another 3-4 months, I can't believe that she was that unhappy to wait it out. I seriously thought things were going well.

  • Just block her so you don't see the profile pic and aren't tempted to follow up on her. A week isn't that long and it takes time and distance to get over someone


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