My ex is asking me for the real reason I left him... I don't know if I should tell him why, it may kill him?

I left my ex who's the father of one of my girls 6 years ago, he thinks I left him because I loved another guy but the truth is I was super attracted to a girl and was trying to figure out my sexuality and my ex thinks your either straight or lesbian no in between. well anyways I only went as far as going on a few dates and kissing before she decided to be with another girl so I moved on and ended up one horn drunken night sleeping with my youngest child's father... that was the night of conception of the baby... but should I just tell my ex that I left because I wasn't in love with him or tell him I left to date a girl? or both because that's the full reason


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  • Simply tell him you didn't love him, because you didn't and leave it at that.

    Why make this any more difficult for you AND him? What does that gain, and how does it help by going into details? Telling him specifics why you left only makes his and your life all that more difficult. Why add the stress?

    • he wants to know the full truth

    • You didn't love him. That IS the truth. What you did after that point had nothing to do with your leaving. The point at which you lost any love for him, and determined to leave happened long before you ever walked away. That decision isn't made and then 5 minutes later you're walking. It typically takes months in most relationships and possibly years.

      The decision to seek a female for sexual gratification happened after your decision to leave him - if I read through the lines of what you wrote, correctly.

  • definitely tell him you didn't love him. Harsh truth but one he needs to hear.
    The rest... I want to say tell him everything but if he's so closed minded that he thinks bisexuality doesn't exist, I would have concerns that it might cause problems for you in regards to the kid. Obviously I dont know him or where you live, but if he's the wrong sort of person to handle that kind of thing and/or the people/laws of your area are similarly unforgiving, then maybe best to keep that secret for the sake of your kid. Without the kid in the equation I would say tell him everything, its his problem if he can't handle it.


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  • Tell him the full reason. If he's closed minded and doesn't believe bisexuality is a thing that's his problem, not yours.


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