Moving too fast or should I stop complaining?

So we have only been dating for 6 or 7 weeks now but he has already met my mom and sister and I have met his family and he has already said that he has fallen in love with me. I told him that I feel the same and I am in love with him which is true but I am scared that we are moving to fast and I don't want to be taken advantage of. I mean he hasn't moved in or anything but he drive a hour every Friday and stays with me the whole weekend and goes back home Monday morning. He texts me every morning good morning and every night goodnight and he calls me every day. So you would think that I would be happy that I finally found someone however I am just afraid that he is doing these things to try and take advantage of me and that is why we are moving so fast.


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  • Hello,

    My advice is alittle unusual but try to apply it to your situation...

    People can only take advantage if you give them it... in other words if your afraid he will sleep with you and move on, don't sleep with him until your happy and sure, if the man is worth it he will be patient and wait..

    if your afraid of getting hurt, again who says him calling you, showing you his family, and saying he loves you means you will get hurt.. whos telling you these things? not to mention the fact that when ever you get involved with someone you like/love there's always the risk of getting hurt..

    Im sorry hun but there's no magic solution to your concerns... its all apart of getting to know if this person is worth trusting with your emotions..

    Now like I said, in my experiance he's going WAY to fast and is more likly to hurt himself then you given that 90% off all breakups are by the women, most becouse she looses interest in the man she's with..

    but that's just my advice

    Good Luck


    • I apprecate your advice and I will try to put this toward this situatation, but I have one more question for you, do men tell women that they love them even if they don't mean it? We have already together sexualy so I am talking about afterwards. I fhe tells me loves me should I even believe him??

    • It depends, if he says he loves you and his actions also show that he loves you then he means it, if he says he loves you yet shows you no respect of affection then he doesnt, I always say go by actions not words.. people can lie easly with words but actions are harder to cover up.. is he loves you he will show love giving you respect and affection..

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  • yeah things are moving pretty fast. if he really likes you and doesn't have weird issues or motives, he should be okay with slowing things down a bit. just let him know how you feel, if you have valid concerns don't say that you should "stop complaining" hello your needs/wants are important too!


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