Ex told me not to hook up when we met to break up?

So my boyfriend and I who dated for 2 years ended our relationship because I am leaving for university next year. Neither of us want to but we have no choice. He was always sure about long distance but he changed his mind after talking to his family.

He has already started college. When we met to break up he told me he doesn't think he wants to get into a relationship until he is done with college, which is another 2 years, and he also told me to please not like just go and hook up with anyone.

Why would he say that? Does he really mean to not date, I dont get it


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  • I think going uni. is not a valid reason to break up!
    Maybe he wants to have a break and date with u after college

    • Its because he won't be seeing me for 4-5 years so it really doesn't make sense to long distance when we aren't even sure if we'll be in the same city in the future

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