Is my ex boyfriend playing me?

Me and my ex boyfriend recently started talking because I added him on FB because he was on my friend's page and I just added him because it was so long since we broke up and I thought everything was cool between us. (we ended on a very bad note) we broke up couple years ago because I cheated on him with my ex boyfriend. Long story short, we dated for about 4 months and we were so very much in love, he used to cry everyday due to my wrong choices in our relationship, I stressed him out alot, but he was always there, but after we broke up, he started rumors about me and was talking trash but that was 2 years ago.

we been talking on and off for months, I blew him off bunch of times and at the time I was talking to him I had another boyfriend, but I broke up with him about a week ago, so me being single, I texted my ex boyfriend and we ended up making plans to go to movies, so he took me to the movies and paid for me and we ended up holding hands (he got really touchy and I told him to stop, he did) after the movies we sat in his car and talked about what went wrong 2 years ago, he also talked about how he changed for the better and he has started cheating after our relationship and he told me he was sorry if it seemed like only thing he wanted from me was sex and that it was not. He seemed sincere about everything, and I asked him what his intentions were going into this and he told me what wasn't his intentions, which was being one night stands. And he asked me if this was a date, and I thought for a bit and said yeah, and he also agreed, he wants to take things slow and go with the flow, and he dropped me off and he was supposed to call but he never called, I texted him thanking him for taking me out and told him to text me the next morning, but he never did, but I remember before he dropped me off he told me to text him the day after to see what he was doing but I never did because he never texted me back, today being a new day, I texted him but never got anything back.


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  • 1.well it mite have been he probably lost his phone

    2.He just straight up played you!


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