Will he actually pay me bacl?

I was with this guy for a year and it turns out he was an ass. A year after being "together," he said he never had feelings for me, he thought I was ugly because if my body, he thought I was useless in sex since he was my first. Anyways when I met him he was going through a tough time so I helped him with money. Over that year I let him borrow around 2,000. I know I was very stupid but I thought I was helping him. I told him in March to have the money ready by July he didn't have it. So I told him we could do payment plans and he still doesn't have it. He says he wants to make this right with me and pay me back but I don't know what else to do. Will he ever pay me back or is there a way to put pressure on him? He is now 31 we are 8 years apart, clearly I'm the younger one.
Will he actually pay me bacl?
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