Why did he react this way?

Me and my ex have had an on-and-off relationship for 2 years.
We've broken up in total 3 times.
All 3 times were the same, where he'd want a couple days of space before breaking up.
What was different about this breakup (we've been broken up a week), is that I broke up with him & after i did it and we spoke about it he kept telling me to block him on all social media sites but I didn't want to so he ended up blocking me on everything. He said he couldn't bare to see me move on & it would kill him so he thought it was best.
Later that night I tried ringing him and asked if we could talk and get back together and he kept saying that he had to go..
Im not sure why he was so focused on me blocking him straight away.
The other 2 breakups, it was a mutual decision and we both knew a few weeks prior it was going to happen and when we broke up those two times I was the one to block him.
We broke up because we aren't compatible together and it was the last straw.
I feel like crap that he's kept me blocked :( what does it mean?
Why did he react this way?
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