My ex unblocked me three months after he texted me saying he was in love with someone else and to get out of his life? what does it mean?

please don't say "who cares, its an ex" i need advice. he texted me "get out of my life, i love her and not you, get over me, im blocking you" after he had cheated on me, lied about it, admitted to using me for sex, and then telling me he had another girlfriend the whole time we were hooking up. then he blocked me and just now three months later he unblocked me. what does it mean in this case? if he truly wanted me out of his life why would he unblock me? doesn't that open the door for communication?


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  • To my ears, it sounds as if he was originally a bit embarrassed about getting caught cheating. So he reacted with anger and hostile texts etc.

    But anger doesn’t last. Like darkenedscience says, blocking you leaves no other options for manipulating you and now he’s baiting you. I know you want to contact him and it’s okay to do so but first, let me suggest something else.

    You are in a very low state of emotional health right now. You’re grieving and frustrated, and as the law of attraction states, you will not get a good result from communicating in this state. It’s easy enough for us looking in to say: never, ever talk to this guy again, he doesn’t care about you; but I want to tell you why you shouldn’t. And again, if you do it’s okay. Just notice how you’re feeling now (shitty) and the result you will get (equally bad).

    Have you noticed how, when a day start out really well, it keeps getting better? And vice versa? Have you noticed that there are days, or long periods during some days when people really seem to be friendlier, dogs come to be petted, children smile at you etc? This is the law of attraction at work. Like attracts like.

    For this reason, it’s extremely valuable to monitor your emotions and when you’re inspired, that’s when you take actions, especially ones you find important. When you’re feeling bad, a kind of momentu builds up, causing more thoughts, actions, and people to be attracted to you, that correspond with your bad feeling.

    Right now, this relationship is very bad feeling for you and the best thing for you to do is to let it rest for a while, before thinking about it again. How long? I’d check in in a few months and see if I felt better, then maybe consider it. But really, it’s not about him. The LoA delivers endless opportunity when you feel good. If you’re honest, you don’t want a cheating boyfriend, you want a boyfriend that loves you.

    So wait and work on yourself. Do activities that make you feel good and practice thinking about everything else except him. It will take time but you will get better.

    Does this make sense?

    • yes! so i should basically act as if i am still blocked, not contact him and begin doing activities that make me feel good and stay away from those that make me feel bad?

    • I think that as you do those feeling good activities, this will be the natural thing to do yes. You're leading a happy life and he isn't part of that picture, at least not now, so no need to contact him.

      It's much easier to think in those terms: I want to feel good, and be happy; and then take those inspired actions that present themselves to you; than it is to get "tactical", if you know what I mean, and ponder different responses. And I get the feeling you're seeing the benefit of this approach.

      Best of luck and may the Force be with you :-)

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  • he's curious as to what you're up to. Most likely doesn't want you back but doesn't want anyone else to have you. I'd block him. He doesn't get to see whats going on in my world any more

    • and do you think he didn't message me because of his ego?

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    • but he still thinks about me?

    • Ugh yes. He wants to make sure you are miserable without him. So he can continue to feel great.

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  • do not overthink. Maybe he unknowingly did that. Or literally does give a rats ass abot you. So just stop thinking about him.

    • no i know it was intentional

    • let me tell you one thing. If I were a manipulator I would manipulate the shit out of a girl who is concerned about me unblocking her on a damn social media. Are you a person of such low self esteem? Why do you let people mess around with you? God. I am pretty sure you are a beautiful person. Get a new boyfriend. Why whine over such nonsensical queries?

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  • Doesn't make sense. Had you been trying to contact him or asking people about him?
    Either way he sounds a bit psycho.

    • nope, i hadn't tried to contact him or asked anyone about him. what do u think it means?

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