Will my ex boyfriend talk to me again soon or come back?

My ex boyfriend of 4yrs last told me of course he didn't want to me be with anymore because of past things that happened. When I spoke with him a few days ago , me calling him which I know I shouldn't of because your not supposed to have any contact type of deal. Well, I called and asked him my question regarding tax forms, he gave me my answer then said if you want this guy back so badly, which I know you do based off of email or things you have said to me, can you please just listen to me and have patience , just be patient. I said alright. He said out of 4 years please just listen to me this time after this long if you do really care as you say you do just listen to me. We hung up the phone and for days now I've been sitting here , thinking, does that mean I have a chance back with him and he just needs his space. Which I am giving to him completely now. I sign on aim messenger and haven't said a word to him. For as he said if he was ready to talk to me, he would contact me. Well... I would so love to talk with him face to face, phone or aim.. this is really hard, but I promised him I would give him his space. Everyone deserves space, even when you break up. Will he contact me soon its been days.. and I received an email stating he opened a card I sent to him on the 12th yesterday he opened it on the 20th.. he didn't write anything back.. but since he finally opened it now, is he thinking about me or well I don't know what to think.. I'm doing good by myself, but at the same point I really do love and care about him , wondering when he's going to call or even if he is going to come back.. may I have some opinions please?


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  • No, he won't come back.


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