My ex broke it off with me over some dumb stuff and now is sending me dm's saying this.. what does it mean? Is she playing games?

Long story short, i was in a relationship for almost 3 years. She broke up because of distance and saying she was tired of me and not in love anymore, a year later i moved to the same city, she contacted me and started dating again.
Going back and forth berween her attitudes and then ignoring me or pushing my buttons or asking me for money she told me she is not interested in me romantically because i acted like a momma bear with my money, asked to be friends and i said no and never replied to her again.

2 weeks after that and after i deleted her from social media because she was annyoing and trying to get me jealous she sent me a dm telling me "have a good life, i love you", i didn't rrply.. 2 more weeks or so she sent another dm being flirty about a pic i uploaded, saying i looked cute, proceeded to say "pls stay un touch and give me updates about you, i will always care about you" and proceeded to tell me something about how she is starting college..

I didn't reply either but i think that this chick is trying to play games again and is kinda crazy with no shame whatsoever, what you guys think is happening here?
a friend of mine saw her ranting on twitter and sent me a picture ( i dont stalk her ) ...
she was saying shit like "why does my ex hate me if im such a good person?" and more stuff like "i consider it to be immature" bla bla bla, and some jackass jumped in the conversation without knowing shit just to give her credit for being the more "mature one" ...

besides a gold digger she is cynical


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  • It worked before, you went back to her so it seems like she's trying it again. I'd just ignore the messages, she'll move on if you don't take the bait


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  • Well, we only hear your side of things but it sure sounds like she's playing games with you. And given your reaction, it's working. You need to get away from this girl and stay away before you do something silly like "lend" her more money.

    • I never gave her any money! She just kept trying to manage my money and asking me for things and getting mad if i didn't buy them

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  • She is bi-polar, or something... crazy w/a side of crazy! Don't answer her, if you do you'll only get sucked back in.


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  • bitches be crazy man!


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