Should I go to my ex's?

When I last saw him, he lent me his backpack to put my work laptop in and we ended up sleeping together. He kept bringing it up as an excuse to see me. He even said it would be a good excuse to see you again. But I old him don't want to sleep with someone I'm not with, even if we did once.

I've offered to meet him after work and post it, but he wants me to come to his to give it back, or come to mine. He lives really far away and I don't know the room number of his new flat.

Should I feel bad for keeping it? He actually blocked me on whatsapp because I won't go see him. Then we text & he said he isn't just about sex, that we always got along and he misses that. But if he cared he would have swallowed his pride and said he wants me back. He's 33 not 18. He is offended I won't bring the bag, which will end up with us sleeping together.


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  • Fuck no and stop all communication. You're fucking up


What Girls Said 1

  • He may be wanting to Take things slow, this Joe. However, when Two people Breakup, and they then Makeup, Many times, Motive in Mind, it's A... Friends with Benefit deal. He knows you both have this His and Her History and he is Comfy with this And.. With you.
    It's up to You if you just Want to Set the record Straight. However, I Doubt right Now, he will Straighten out everything Over nite.
    Good luck and Stand your Guard. xx


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