This guy stopped contacting me the last couple weeks, I tried to end it by saying I was changing my number but he asked for the new one, what now?

He stopped contacting me when we used to talk everyday, after a week or so I just texted him that I was changing my number and I wish him the best, I thought he would either ignore it or say okay but instead asked for the new phone number for some reason I don't understand. I wanted to cut my losses and move on. I didn't reply, it's been a few days or so and now I am realizing if he wanted me in his life, he would have kept on or been contacting me like he was so I would rather just end it. What is the best message to send him now to just end it?


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  • Just be straight forward and if he doesn't get it, block him


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  • If you message him now, he will have your new phone number, right?

    • No, I haven't changed it because my friends and family and others would have to deal with it. I really want to just keep it but end it with him.

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    • Does he represent your best hope for a happy future?

    • As far as dating/romantic relationship I thought he did, but when he stopped contacting me without telling me why, and then he just asks for the new number when I gave him a way out is like leading me on which concerns me, I would rather end the pain of him just going away with ending it because he seems to not be doing that fully for some reason.

  • You don't message back. You said what you needed to say. Just change your number now and that's that.


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  • "but when he stopped contacting me without telling me why"

    You answered your own question.

    Move on from this guy. He is not interested. Hope you meet someone who truly care for you soon.


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