Do I look desperate to talk to him if I do this?

Do you think I will look desperate if I ask my ex-bf something about a house I bought since he works in construction and I need some advice?
He contacted me 2 days ago but I kinda ended the convo


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  • not if you dont get off topic and just talk about the house you bought. and it doesn't lead to anything.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't know what his own Motive in Mind could be, but I do Know... He will Know that it is More than "Advice" you are Seeking. It's this "Timing" thing, you see, he will Catch on to it.
    Of course, without finding out What he had Wanted, One can Only Guess. My "Guess" is he wants to Share Some His and Her History, but perhaps not in this House... You bought as Two birds of a Feather who used to Stick Together.
    Before you do this, Find out What he Wanted? An don't be so Quick to wear your Heart on your Sleeve, he may have Something up his own.
    Good luck. xx


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