Whats up with my ex girlfriend?

My girlfriend broke up with me very recently in a fit of rage calling me names and saying she doesn't want to talk to me or see me. She said she was going to have her mom pick up her stuff from my house the very next day and she was adamant about that. Nobody ever came for her stuff and she didn't say why. Then she texted me out of the blue the next day asking about something i ordered online and it was weird cuz i already answered that question multiple times so it seemed like an excuse to start a conversation i dont know. I asked when she was getting her stuff and once again assured me shed get it the next day but once again never came. Now she's just not even saying when she wants it and was being very friendly and somewhat playful in texts. I also said in a text in a joking way maybe youl miss me and wanna try to make it work again and she said "ya anythings possible" with a smiley face. i would love to get back with her i really love her but dont really know where things stand. Any input?
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She was not constantly bitching and yelling all the time it was a great relationship we would butt heads once in a while but mostly was an awesome and passionate relationship. I guess fit of rage is a little strong. I was bein an asshole and pickin fights for a while cuz of general stress and she ended it cuz of that.
Whats up with my ex girlfriend?
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