How long till a broken heart lends?

After two serious relationships. My heart is devasted and my mind is exhausted. They simply moved on to another. And I am left with the heartache and so much anger. They both cheated and both took off.

How long till I move on and this pain goes away?


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  • You know, I think that 3 months maximum is the right amount of time. If it lasts longer than that, then you're simply refusing to let go and you are doing things to yourself to keep yourself in misery. But here's the thing: your age is shown as 30-35 -- you're too old to be acting like this. You're not a child anymore! Go out with friends, concentrate on work, go take a trip somewhere and move on. I hate coming off as insensitive but we're adults now and should be able to quietly handle a little bloody nose.

    • I'm not 30 yet but you are right. Just have to deal and move on. Thanks

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  • sit in a room to think about your ex relationships and how your ex ( moved on ) will make things worse... it's like feeding your feelings with negativity, seek for revenge and will make you anger... which mean you won't forgive yourself for what happened and this is wrong.
    your pain will go away when you forget and forgive.
    just don't wait for anybody to make you happy.
    fix your heart with forgiveness and don't let little things ruin your life.

    Good luck...


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  • The pain will last as long as you allow it to last

    It's not time that heals your pain, It's what you do with your time which heals it. People tend to feed memories by keeping pics , messages and things of sentimental value. They dwell on what was and what could have been so that just keeps the pain so raw. It's our own thoughts that cause the pain

    The only way to move on is to let go of the hurt, the only way to let go of the hurt is to cut all means of contact, remove all traces of the person from your life. Keep active and your mind focused on things other than him. Gradually memories fade and the pain eases

    It's normal to feel angry and resentment after a breakup, because after a breakup you go through a grieving process. You feel a sense of loss and abandonment. So there's you'll go through many emotions right now. Each stage grieving process is one step closer to healing.


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