Why did my ex kiss me? His motives?

My ex grabbed me by my waist and kissed me. We go to the same school and we were talking then he spontiounsly kissed me in the same spot we had our first kiss. I then left but not sure what to think. Would a guy do that to their ex if they still had feelings? I started talking to someone else nothing serious though (he doesn't know) so this just caught me off gaurd but won't faze me just wondering. I still care for him though


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  • looks like you don't know what you want and that leaves a lot of options open.
    you started talking to some else and not seriously, but at the same time he's your ex and still care for him?
    my advice... quit getting into new relationships at this time... whether serious relationships or not.
    (be your own property, not public property -sex)

    • Thank u =) that was very good advice! Thanks again

    • u welcome.

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  • he wants you bad


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  • huh just going off the subject cuz im tired.. but i slept with ym ex tonight because i was bored and well she was there? did it mean anything? NOPE but hey everyone is different

    • I tried to sleep wit him last week and he got all pissed saying I'm using him for sex only. So, I don't know

    • whatta loser.. sorry but u can maybe? do better

  • Anyone else getting tired of girls never getting over there ex stories? I know I am

    • Can't. He eats too good of pussy. Lol

    • You can always teach a new dog new tricks!

    • ... true -_-... but maaaaaan lol

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