Why does it hurt still seenin my exbf that I still love with some one else?


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  • If you still love him then it will be painful seeing him love someone else. I'd find that unbearable too

    He's now with someone new , so all the dreams and goals you had with him are now gone. He's creating a new future with someone else. You have to rebuild your life , and make plans for a future without him being part of it anymore. So the pain you feel is inevitable

    You need to try to move on from him. Or your pain will not subside

    • Yeah I get that but it's hard to move on from someone you love though. But he don't seem interesting in much of this relationship with this other girl.

    • It is difficult to move on from someone you still love. You can't just shut off your feelings.

      You are holding onto someone who has let you go. It's painful right now , so it'll take time for your pain to ease

      The only way to truly let go and move on is if you remove all traces of him from your life. Don't feed your memories by reminiscing or by keeping things of sentimental value. Keep your mind focused on things other than him. Gradually your memories will fade and the pain will ease

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  • you have answered your own question in your question... all i can say is thats life and you will get over it. im sure its not the only time this will happen, its how you deal with it that matters. it hard but you need to move on like he has

    • I didn't realize I did oops, I been trying to move on but he comes back

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    • Yeah but it's hard especially when I still love him

    • i know it is but sadly thats life. it will get better and i dont mean that in a patronising way.

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