Break up, anything still there? (Quite Long)

Me and my girlfriend split up last week. the main reason we split up is that we both got to jealous and possessive over each other and she felt it was no longer working. I was very upset but she then said we can still be more than friends, just not a relationship. I saw her the next day and things went well. we went to get a coffee and we kissed. we spoke for the next few days and things were getting really good cause we both weren't getting jealous anymore. however, we got back to school and a few days in. Her step brother (and her ex :S ) starts a fight with me. he's a lot bigger than me and he beat the crap out of me. She then took his side and in my anger I called her useless, because I kinda expected her to sort it. :/ she took the comment very badly and said we can't be together anymore. a few seconds later she changed her mind and said we could stay together, THEN 10 minutes later she changed her mind again and said we couldn't. Once again, with in minutes she changed her mind and said we can. Then an hour later, she said we can no longer be together but she wants to be close friends. Obviously I was upset with her decision, but I thought friends were better than nothing. We texted and she was fine and normal with me, until I started acting happy. As soon as I acted happy, she stopped talking to me and left loads of flirty comments to her ex's on Facebook. Yesterday we didn't speak all day until last lesson when I saw her in the corridor. It was just me and her and I half walked her back to her lesson. She held my hand and kissed me. At the end of the day, she saw me walking through the courtyard and stopped to wait for me, not realizing I wasn't going to see her. But I stopped to talk to her and things went well. She got the bus home and we hugged and kissed on the cheek. Later that night I saw her on Facebook chat so I decided to talk to her. She was a bit off with me, but agreed things were getting better between us. She said there is a chance we could get back together, I was happy and she said shed text me tonight. However later that night I received no text and I decided to begin conversation. I asked her if she doesn't want to talk to tonight, and she can text me anytime she needs to or wants to. She said that's fine but it upset me. I text her again later however and she started to get angry. I was upset and I told her to stop hiding her emotions from me, and that I knew she still loved me. She denied it, having said earlier that day that she does. I've gone away now, and I'm not going to talk to her till I get back on Monday. what's the best way to get her to miss me, and love me again and perhaps look into another relationship?


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  • Well, this is definitely a back and forth relationship. It seems she has a hard time letting you go even when she's the one cutting it off. It also seems that she still likes you. Maybe a little time away will do you both good, and then eventually you can get back together. Something could be going on with her that she's not telling you, and I believe this is what's going on. You seem to be pretty out there with how you feel about her, so there's no confusion about that. The one thing I definitely wouldn't do is try to make her jealous by going out with someone else. But don't not be happy just because it makes her mad when you are. Just go about life and take it a day at a time. If she confronts you Monday about not talking to her, just say that you wanted to give her some time to think.

    I think you guys will wind up getting back together, but that's just based off of what I've read on here. I have no idea who you are, or who she is, but I do wish you the best of luck.


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  • Let go and move on. She will chase you and hopefully you have the strength to pass her up and look for a healthy relationship.

  • I wish google could answer that lol



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