What should I do please positive answers? Please help?

I am 17 years old and about to be 18 in July. When I was 13 my sister who is 23 right now took me with her to her friend's house (a guy) he is a super nice guy. The thing is, from then he got his eyes on me. He thought I was pretty and would ask my sister for my facebook to talk to me. He found me on his own 2 years later. He talked to me and we became friends. I am older now and I started to fall for him this year. We talked about meeting up and talk about it. We started to be in the talking stage around June. That time I was in US and he in Mexico. I arrived to Mexico almost a month ago. So he couldn't wait to meet me again. The thing is this:
My mom is super overprotective. His brother is my sister's ex. They ended up bad. But his brother (my crush) is total different. So, I want to meet up with him. My mom doesn't know, she knows who he is cause of his brother and she hates him so I can't tell her if I do she will lock me away completely. My sister and a cousin do. I asked for their help and they both said no cause he is no good for me. My mom won't let me go out by myself and it's stressing me out. If I go out my cousin has to be with me. I am tired of it. My cousin puts every excuse for me not to see him. She is the same age as I am. My crush, he is 29. Surprised me cause he looks younger than me i thought he my age. Anyways, today.. Him and I talked about seeing each other he asks me everyday. I told him about my mom and he said that if they won't let us see each other that it's better to not at least now that i'm underage. I am scared cause he told me that he feels like his time is coming to an end and he is looking for a wife. He also feels that I will go to younger boys my age. I love him so much..
I am hating my family right now..
Specially my cousin and mom since them two are the most who push me away from him.
He keeps sending me messages that he is really hurting that he can't see me and that we should leave it to what the destiny holds.

He didn't know my age back when he met me. He found out years later when I was even older..


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  • If it feels right an this guy is charming an nice etc. There should not be a problem. But keep in mind that insecurity of finding a younger statllion will always be there but in a relationship if you are one all insecurities are met at the door an get handled through showing how much you care. I say since your family is the problem become dependent on your own, manage your life an have him help you break your shackles one day at a time. Cause belive me i am in a similar boat im just farther ahead, but yeah some agree an just like your cuz an mom even if it worked out they are already negative towards that idea. So make it you guys secret an cheerish every moment cause if its love in the air it may change but it will never fade.✌

    • Yea we are not a official couple yet. But our relationship is secret. Only my sister and cousin know and I expected them to support me. They didn't.. Now thanks to that it's even harder. But non of us two are giving up truly. He even told me he will wait. Till everything falls into place. Then we will be together.. The love for each other grew in a beautiful way.. He makes me happy. That's what matters to me.

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  • I'm sorry, but if an older guy has eyes for a 13-year-old, then there's something wrong with him. Plus, if you're not 18 yet, then if he's more than 3 years older than you it's illegal for him to be with you. He would get in trouble being with you.

    I think you should trust your family on this one. Just apologize to him and tell him it's just not going to work out right now. Maybe when you are older you will find each other again, but based on what you said he doesn't sound like someone you want to be with.

    • We got our eyes on each other he didn't know my age back then. I look older than my sister.. She looks 16 and I look 25. He got surprised by that fact..

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    • He backed off till now. I am almost 18.. There is jo problem now.. He simply liked my face and eyes back then.. He didn't and never looked at me in a sexual way or someone to be with for that reason, cause I was younger

    • But you are not 18 yet so yes it is a problem. If you have sex with him, then he can get in serious legal trouble. Even if you just kiss, that can be considered sexual assault. You are a minor, and he is more than 3 years older than you (if you were 17 and he was 18 then legally it would be fine even though you're a minor because that age would be close enough. Most laws say if a minor is involved then the other person has to be within 3 years of age). If you don't want him to get in trouble, then you need to wait until the day you turn 18.

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