What should I do please positive answers? Please help?

I am 17 years old and about to be 18 in July. When I was 13 my sister who is 23 right now took me with her to her friend's house (a guy) he is a super nice guy. The thing is, from then he got his eyes on me. He thought I was pretty and would ask my sister for my facebook to talk to me. He found me on his own 2 years later. He talked to me and we became friends. I am older now and I started to fall for him this year. We talked about meeting up and talk about it. We started to be in the talking stage around June. That time I was in US and he in Mexico. I arrived to Mexico almost a month ago. So he couldn't wait to meet me again. The thing is this:
My mom is super overprotective. His brother is my sister's ex. They ended up bad. But his brother (my crush) is total different. So, I want to meet up with him. My mom doesn't know, she knows who he is cause of his brother and she hates him so I can't tell her if I do she will lock me away completely. My sister and a cousin do. I asked for their help and they both said no cause he is no good for me. My mom won't let me go out by myself and it's stressing me out. If I go out my cousin has to be with me. I am tired of it. My cousin puts every excuse for me not to see him. She is the same age as I am. My crush, he is 29. Surprised me cause he looks younger than me i thought he my age. Anyways, today.. Him and I talked about seeing each other he asks me everyday. I told him about my mom and he said that if they won't let us see each other that it's better to not at least now that i'm underage. I am scared cause he told me that he feels like his time is coming to an end and he is looking for a wife. He also feels that I will go to younger boys my age. I love him so much..
I am hating my family right now..
Specially my cousin and mom since them two are the most who push me away from him.
He keeps sending me messages that he is really hurting that he can't see me and that we should leave it to what the destiny holds.

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He didn't know my age back when he met me. He found out years later when I was even older..
What should I do please positive answers? Please help?
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