Seeing ex tomorrow for first time in almost two weeks, help?

We were together for a year and broke up 2 weeks ago. We last saw each other 2 days after the breakup to talk about everything since the breakup was so quick. Anyway she's coming to drop off one of my shirts tomorrow. There's nothing more that I want than for us to get back together.

I wouldn't be surprised if she asked for us to get a quick coffee or breakfast downstairs since I live in a central area wih a lot of cafes and breakfast places and it was sort of our thing. I just want to be prepared if it does happen. Should I go? I'm worried that if I go I'll give myself false hope, but what if she does want to get back together and I pass the opportunity? I was think of saying something like this:

Look blank, you know that there's no one else that I enjoy spending more time with than you, but I'm just now starting to put you in my pass and move on from you. I cannot be your friend or do things that will string me along and give me false hope, that wouldn't be fair to either of us. If you want to have coffee because there is hope then I would love to come, otherwise I have to decline. I'm just trying to protect myself.
So breaking news, I texted her asking if she could also bring my flatmate's tuppeware and she said sure I'll just drop ot off downstairs. She doesn't even want to see me for 10seconds. I can't believe this. I can't believe that after all that history she does this. I was so fucking good to her and she's making me feel like falling in love with her was my mistake and that I was stupid for it like everything is my fault for having a fucking heart with feelings, it's not fair and so hurtfull


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  • hi, you have a lot of emotions going here like an ocean in a storm, you have to let things settle to see more clearly for your best view. did your conversation the other day lead to think she may still be interested? you say the break was quick, was it unexpected? did she instigate it? if you dont mind me asking of course.. xx

    • sorry I'm currently going through a complete break down read what i wrote under messiah

    • can I pm you please? it would mean a lot, I've never had to deal with anything more hurtful and I desperately need help.

    • as you are private i think you would have to ask to follow me then me approve then message me? i think...

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  • Perfect don't change a word 👌 ✌.

    • Read the uodate
      I can't fucking believe that she's doing that to me. You have know idea how much work and effort I put into the relationship. I did nothing wrong everyone that knows us agrees with me. All I did was fall in love with the person that I thought loved me too and I did my best by her. She's trying to make it seem like it meant nothing and that my feelings for her are unwarranted and that's such bullshit. She has no right to make me feel this way after all that history. I can't believe she's so cold and so selfish I seriously can't fucking believe it. If she doesn't see me tomorrow I'm sending her the biggest fuck you text of my life because she deserves it. I wouldn't want her back if she doesn't want to even see me for 10 fucking seconds.

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    • You're right, I was going through complete rage when I wrote that and I'm very glad I did because once the storm passed everything was clearer than it ever had been. I get why things led up to where they did and why she broke it off and why she's acting like this. I feel so bad for her, I really truly do. She was just a young girl trying to live out her life the best she saw fit. She was never ready or mature enough for real love and a real adult relationship. It came at her and she panicked and got scared once realized what it really was and meant. She got herself in a situation that she didn't know how to handle and the guilt started pilling up because she knew she was making a big mistake and couldn't get out without hurting me. I get it now and I'm completely at peace with it, it was such a sureal thing to happen and its never happened to me before. Complete and utter rage and then understanding and acceptance, it's as if someone flipped a switch in my head. I just want her to

    • not feel guilty because she has nothing to feel guilty for. I thought back to all these little things she said to me and all I want to do now is help her if she's feeling down. She had low self esteem growing up since she was chubby and her best friend was this crazy girl who controlled her and made her feel like shit. She only started finding herself about a year before our relationship started but all the insecurities where still there and I just missed them. I actually think she felt that she didn't deserve what I brought to her, all these little pieces add up to that. I really hope she sees me tomorrow because Inwant to talk to her and make everything clear somshe can get her closure and move on. I really love her for who she is and accept that she was just not ready. She'll be ready one day and I hope she finds someone that makes her as happy as I tried to make her.

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