I slept with my ex when drunk and lost my virginity to him even though he's got a girlfriend :(

Please help me, I'm so low right know it just seems to be taking up all my thoughts and energy.

My ex boyfriend who I'm still in love with has a new girl on the go who I suspect he was getting with when we were together. He doesn't know that I know about her so the other day in a club we were in he asked me back to his place and I stupidly agreed being like a stupid lost puppy. I kind of lost my virginity to him (his penis I don't think fully inside of me) and he hasn't called me since. I feel so hurt and used and disappointed in myself I just don't know what to do. Every time he treats me like rubbish my heart still doesn't seem to get the message. Please give me some advice because I'm at a wits end I really am :/


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  • U should not drink!


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