How to end things right?

I was seeing someone who we met through mutual friends, we finished as I didn't think he was ready for a relationship, he agreed said he liked me.
a week later he tried to bring a tinder date to a gig he knew I would be. He told our mutual friend that he was going, my friend thinks he was testing the waters, I said I wasn't going anymore I'm glad he's dating but what he was doing was so inconsiderate and to give my stuff back. He ended up not going
Once I got my stuff back, my friend said he didn't go because I messaged him.
I messaged him thanking him, that I didn't want things to be awkward between us and I wish him all the best. He's not messaged me through anything I said... did I do anything wrong I know he's seen what I said, I hate being ignored but i know there is nothing left to say.


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  • What? You want to know how to end things... after it's already ended and there's "nothing left to say"? Sounds like you don't need to worry about that anymore?

    • i just don't know if I did the right thing, I don't want people tiptoeing about us, nothing bad happened, but the way he's ignoring he's making me feel like I've done something wrong, I don't know I just need advice If what I did was right

    • I hear ya but on a scale of 1 to 10 of how badly things could go when ending a "like" I'd give this about a 3.

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