My ex and I have been broken up a week and he's drunk texted me, still talking to me, hasn't gotten his stuff.. etc?

For clarification we're both 21.

my boyfriend and I have been broken up (his doing) for a week. He's still talking to me and hasn't asked for his large amount of stuff back..

he drunk texted me last night saying how much he missed me but i don't know if I even believe him. He apparently got trashed at a party with some guy friends.

his whole excuse for ending things a week ago was that he needed to find himself before he could be with me. He didn't know what he wanted and he just needed to figure things out. I asked him if he still even wanted me (as I don't want to be led on) and he said "I mean yes it's just hard for me to explain... I just need to find myself enough to be with you like I just need time"

he he also knows I planned on going out with some guy friends tonight and mentioned possibly seeing me out... I don't mind respecting his need for time but I don't want to just be strung along and put on the back burner as an option.

i need help on this :/


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  • Recommendation: tell him he has exactly 3 days to collect his stuff, or its going to get donated, sold, or thrown out.

    If he needs time to "find himself" (whatever that BS means), you're going to give him all the time he needs. While he's busy "finding himself ", you start living your life with whomever you desire.

    He's so full of sh*t, the sewer smells like perfume. Never let any guy give you a load of manure like he did. And yes, you figured it out that YOU would be strung out along, while he spent the next several years figuring out who he was, while you wasted your time. Kick him to the curb, and go on and live!


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  • Jesus Christ you're another stupid woman. His excuse is a total lie. He wanted out but he's using that excuse to keep you hanging around, which you are, thinking he'll want you again which he never will. He's doing this so he can fuck you at times when he can't find someone else. You're fucking up by communicating with him at all. You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. Cut him out and get over it and him

  • He's keeping you in his back pocket for sex.

  • A week? Holy shit!


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