Are you guys curious about ex when we don't contact you?

I broke up with my boyfriend a week ago. And it was just one month together.
He said we are not compatible and I am soft and timid for him.
And he is offensive, harsh and sarcastic and most time together was boring for him.
But when I asked him " you don't wanna see me anymore?" , he said "I don't know."
During break up, I didn't cry or even beg him so much.
I said I don't want to lose him , don't go.. It was just one month.
I hold his hands really hard so he could not escape from me. But I am very weak compared to him.
I think our break up time was not that bad. When I asked him to hug me, he said it would be more difficult time for me, but he hugged me. When I asked him the last kiss, he didn't because he saw my eyes... He said "I can see your eyes". When he left me, I just smacked his bum and said "you, bad"
Right after he left my house, I cried so hard.. Then he just went to his friend's house for party.
After then, I haven't contacted him so far.
We are busy with school and I didn't meet him much and communicate each other much.
This is the main reason we broke up I think.

I will contact him one and a half month later after school is done..
I still miss him so bad and he may not miss me.
He maybe even forgot me I guess..

Do you guys think he thinks about me sometimes?


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  • after what you've been through... I don't think this is the right question.
    I think accepting what happened as a chance to live your life is the best way to know that you have to be more responsible about your life too.
    you're emotionally tired because you put a lot of pressure on yourself... while things only require a little bit of selfishness to see things clearly and to take a positive step to end that drama.

    don't be afraid... be brave and move on.
    Good luck...


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  • Nope they are not


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