Ex contacted me and then ignored me. Why is he doing this to me?

He contacted me after almost 2 months of no contact and then when I answered he didn't really say anything else. It's not the first time he does. He hurt me a lot so I don't really ask questions about his life or anything, I just replied to his questions.
A few days ago I asked him about something and he seemed interested in talking to me but he didn't keep talking. It's been 2 days.


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  • Nuts
    He is a head trip
    U need to ignore him
    Unstable unpredictable
    U deserve normal
    Move on
    He is a nut job


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  • It appears Here, dear, this is a Full Circle Problem in What I can See as is this Same thing, Time after Time, and it's Not going to Change, and Neither will this guy.
    You need to stay Clear, Dear, forget him. No contact that is Best from the Rest and Move on. He is this Hot and cold Fish, and you are just a Convenience for When he Wants to get Cozy again, or just to Put you on a Back Burner when he Doesn't Feel like.. Saying Anything.
    Good luck. xx

  • Have you tried confronting him yourself? "Why are you doing this to me? (explanation)" There's not enough information to tell what could be going on. If he hurt you a lot, then why are you giving him another chance to, well, hurt you? It's a kind act, but maybe it's time to return the favor to yourself instead. It's also too emotionally tiring to play that sort of game.

  • you know what i hate most about girls... they never be honest with themselves, you want something but you ask for the opposite, waiting for others to figure it out... through this question you obviously still falling for him, maybe he is too but you have no idea.

    • He was the one who broke up with me :( two times.
      He was a drug addicted (not sure if he still is) and treated me poorly. I wish he apologyzed at least.

  • just playing


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