Will my girl take me back?

my girl and I broke up after 2 years of dating. she broke it off with me after I took her for granted didn't show her enough attention. now that its over I realized how much she means to me and how much I really love her. I want to give our relationship another shot and be a better Boyfriend treat her right and show her how much I do care for her but she doesn't want to she says she was madly in love with me but I just hurt her too much. she also said I will always be in her heart but we just need to move on. what should I do move on? keep pursuing it? do you think she will take me back I'm having a little trouble getting over this one.


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  • I don't want to come across like lecturing, cause I can tell you want to make amends with her and say your sorry, but just to give you the girls perspective... when girls LOVE we LOVE BIG! I think this is the same for guys too. And when you know someone cares or loves you a lot, we do push the envelope cause we know we can because that person LOVES us so much. I was guilty of this too. My ex REALLY loved me, I could do no wrong so you push boundaries, but everyone has a breaking point and she has finally said enough is enough and ended it to protect her heart. The thing I get upset a little is I am almost 100% sure that before she broke up with you she probably had those annoying convesations that bf's dread about "how come you don't do this and how come you don't do that etc.." and most guys end up saying "yeah, yeah" as they stare out the window rolling their eyes cause they just don't want to have that conversation, you maybe even thought she was a bit pathetic with her whining. But really it was a big RED FLAG. And now you are where you are. To win her back all depends on how hurt she is. But first ask yourself "do you want her back cause you REALLY love her and miss her" or do you want her back to see if you could WIN her back? If its the WIN option, let her go, its not fair, you don't win a car you win a heart and its precious. If you really want her back, and you are prepared to do WHATEVER it takes then my friend you have some work cut out for you. Cause to reverse Girl hurt is possible but its a LONG WAY BACK. If your not up for the work involved, again, let her go! And the work could be a letter, a real letter with REAL emotions from your heart. And follow through with promises. Buy flowers, take her to a nice dinner but DON'T pressure her for affection of any kind, she will back away so fast! When she is ready she will let you know, like when you first start to date, she will flirt with you when she is ready. TAKE YOUR TIME, if you two are meant to be together you have all the time in the world.. again DON'T RUSH. Its like your trying to start dating her all over again. If you can't think of dating things or romantic things that is why they invented GOOGLE! Good luck, it would be ashame to let a 2 year relationship to end after all you invested in it, but again its not going to be an easy fix! :)

    • Thanks for the reply. I genuinly love her and miss her and want her bak I'm not interested in winning her bak for my own satisfaction I relised how much of a sh*tty boyfriend I was at times and how much better she deserved from me. I'm willing to put in the work but at the same time I don't wanna come across as the love sik puppy who can get over his ex that can't be attractive in her eyes. I understand its not gonna be an easy fix I'm just not sure it can be fixed.

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  • What efforts have you done to convince her that you did change and you really wanted to have another shot?Sometimes,no matter how determined a girl's answer is..it could still change depending on how hard you tried to convince her. If the pain was so bad..that's traumatic to ur ex..but since u're the one who inflicted the pain, I believe u're still gonna be the cure..=)

    • I've told her a few times how I've changed and how much she means to me and how different our relationship would be if we gave it another shot and I wrote her a short letter before she moved out that didn't help either I have really tried. but she pretty much says she's done trying I don't think she believes it would be better. at the same time I know she would still have some feelings for me she just determined to let go that's what it seems like anyway. I'm not sure if she just playin games

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    • Ok thanks I think your right space is probably a good idea. what about telling her I love her and stuff not a good idea? I don't wanna come across as needy

    • For now, I believe making her FEEL you love her is appropriate than tellin her. Just make her feel ur presence in a way that's not to pushy. =)

  • well it depends on what you did to her? if you cheated and treated her like sh*t! then you got a problem...even if you love her...things will change...and that will cause many problems. she won't want you bak...

    but if she was really jealous of everything and posesive...then she is juz selfish and if you beg her she will get bak to you in a sec. she juz wants some attention...from u! and also if you call her and she picks up every time ...then she does care bout u!

    • Ididn't cheat she knows that but I did treat her like sh*t some of the time and like I said didn't give her enuff attention just took her for granted she seems pretty certain on her decision. I know I should probably move on I'm just not sure if she needs some time I wouldn't wanna throw it away if it we could save it. but at the same time I don't wanna hold onto something that's not there

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