What are the chances he will contact me or we will get back together?

We started dating when we were 16 and dated straight through college. We both graduated and moved back in with our parents. We are both 22 and we have always been pretty happy. We bickered a normal amount. We have talked about children ( he wants a lot of children and i was scared of childbirth but still wanted a family) marriage (he wants a big wedding and I don't) and moving out ( he wants to live at home for a while and I want to move out now) we didn't have fights about this but I just thought whatever happens happens I'm not really set on one thing because I just want to be with him. He texted me one night about how we were fighting and so I made him come over to talk. He mentioned things that I did that bothered him (small little selfish things) and he also mentioned that he had been unhappy for a long time. He said that how could he know he wanted to be with me if I was the only person he had ever been with and how he wanted to be able to go off and do his own thing. he also had a lot going on with work where he was trying to find a new job and I'm sure he felt pressured from his family and his boss is leaving so he would have to temporarily do his job. He was unsure of who he was and what he wanted to be with his life. He said he needed space and that he thought we should break up. I could tell he was about to tear up and it wasn't easy on him and we hugged. I was an emotional mess. 3-4 days later I messaged him asking to meet up and talk and he did not want to. He was so cold and stated that he knew he didn't want to be with me and he wanted us to be over and he did what he did because we was so unhappy for so long but that maybe in a few weeks we could meet up and talk. It's been three weeks since I reached out and he has not contacted me at all. I want to reach out but I also want to respect his space. Any thoughts? Help! I've been going to the gym and trying to focus on myself but it's hard.

What are the chances he will contact me or we will get back together?
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