Unfortunately broke up with ex, she then says she broke up with me?

Until about 3 weeks ago I was in a long distance relationship with a girl. In total it lasted 2.5 months.

So three weeks ago...
We had a Skype conversation and she said that she "doesn't miss me and doesn't know when she is coming over". I consider that as a sign she wants to break up, so just told her I wanted to stop skyping at that point and I hung up.

She insisted that "we have to fix this now, and that she doesn't want to break up". I told her that I was not in the mood at that point. But she kept insisting, so we started another conversation almost immediately. In which she says "she lost her passion for me, she doesn't love me". So at that point it was pretty clear that she wanted me to break up with her, so I did.

So after about two hours of cooling down I asked her "what she meant by not wanting to break up", she replied "no, I want to break up".

Later that night she apps me that "she has dumped me".

So I clearly took the heartbreaking step in breaking up with her. But then she says she dumped me!

Why would she turn around "who dumped who" like this?


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  • Dignity.

    • Yes either this or she actually did want to break up. It's difficult to decide.

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  • cause she is a young, dumb game playing b*tch that obviously had you on the back burner while probably trying to date other guys and the wishy washy back and forth behavior was due to the uncertainty of a new potential relationship she was checking into. when she didn't need your attention anymore she needed to save face and made it out to her dumping you instead of the other way around. it may be hurtful but ur better off without a game player like that

    • Ironically your name is stripper1. I can't do this anymore. How the fuck do the stars align so poorly?

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    • Your profile picture clearly indicates paint stripping!

      Buttt you really think she was/is playing games and it is not a reaction to save her "dignity"?

    • probably a little of both

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  • Who really cares? You know the truth, not that it matters. Who did what affects nothing...

    • It does, because if she really didn't want to break up then it is my responsibility to fix it.

      On the other hand if she did want to break up, there is no point in fixing it.

      We have low contact since then, but she never really continues chatting a lot. It's more just "to act friendly" towards me I guess.

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