Was locked up and my girlfriend left me and cut me off completely nd I have to get her back how do I go about it? Do they ever come back?

I was sentenced to a year in jail for selling drugs and my girl said we couldn't be together n I'm not good for her n said she would still be here for me no matter what n she end up cutting me off and leaving wouldn't answer letters or calls no money on books she did me bold. . then I got out recently and called her one time. No answr then I seen her at kids birthday party and it was awkward she avoided me completely I have to be wit her again does anyone know he she might be feeling and if she still cares? should I keep trying to contact her? Or pop up at her crib wit flowers? Idek how to approach her or the situation I can get over her abandoning me n allat need help plzzzz lord


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  • You're literally my worst nightmare scenario. I think you should leave her alone, let her come back to you on her own accord. If its meant to be, then it will happen.

    • I jus wanna talk to her tho why won't she speak to me? Have you ever done that to a boyfriend?

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    • I'm not heartless, I'm just raised not to tolerate nuisance, especially from guys. They are not worth the trouble.

      Even if it hurts for you, you should still respect her wishes, which is that she isn't interested in you anymore. I don't know if you know this, but no one in life owes you anything, even closure.

      If you absolutely want to approach her, go ahead I suppose. Be caution tho, wouldn't want to be branded a stalker.

    • I respect her decision but I thought it was disrespectful to do someone like that lie to me tell me she love me n she always n allat bullshit but I don't know why she gotta cut me out tho like i ain't mean nothing to her like even if you really love someone you not gonna even try to uplift them and make it work first? I ain't never treat her wrong or none but she gotta at least let a brotha know

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  • You're like a train wreck. It's quite obvious that she has cut ties with you because you're a total loser. If she got back with you, you'd be dragging her life down the shithole along with yours.

    She didn't abandon you. You abandoned her by throwing your life away by selling drugs. Get a fucking job, learn how to spell correctly and hopefully, another human being might give you a chance in the future.

    • I'm thinking about becoming an electrician and going to seek higher education. I'm not gonna be a loser forever lol ama get her back tho just watch. Are you married? How did you meet your significant other?

    • Well that's good. Luckily, you're young and still have a lot of time to improve your life. It's much harder to turn shit around when you're 25-30, and everyone you're competing with already has a degree/job.

  • you do nothing. you move on with your life


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