Exes? Mega help please?

Okay, having a party, but my friend, who is like a brother is coming, but should I invite my best friend too? They were a couple off and on, but not anymore and they argue when their together, so yes or no?


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  • Well, here's the deal.

    Your guy friend who's like a brother to you, you need to talk to him privately and let him know your concerns. Tell him that you really want him to be there but knowing your best friend will be there also, could cause some issues. Ask him if he can do you a big favor and just stay away from her and not get into anything with her.

    Your best girlfriend, talk to her privately as well. Tell her that it would mean the world to you that she didn't tangle with him at the party. Explain to her you also spoke to him about your concerns.

    Then invite them both. If they get into an argument and muck up your party after you've explained how much it meant to you that they were both there and they didn't fight, well they simply aren't your friends like you think they are.

    They should both care enough about you to respect your wishes for ONE PARTY.


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  • How many people are you inviting? If it's a lot then it shouldn't matter, you're friends with both of them.


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