What is wrong with me?

My boyfriend and I broke up 2 weeks ago but I still cry at times at night or when I'm driving and whenever I'm not crying, something always reminds me of him and I don't understand why I'm still crying when we've only been going out for two and a half months. He broke up with me because we've been having a long-distance relationship and when he goes to the army on May 19, communication would only get worse. So I guess, to "help" me get over him he blocked me everywhere. Oovoo, Facebook, and AIM. I now have no contact with him except through phones. A part of me thinks he's already moved on but hoping he still didn't. And another part of me thinks that this break-up is for the best..yet..I still want to be with him. And I also don't understand why I'm still thinking and feeling all these things when its been 2 weeks since the break-up and only dated for 2 and 1/2 months. What is going on? What am I supposed to do now? I'm so confused..

and also..I keep switching my mind too. for example, one night I'll be depressed and just want to talk to him and another night I'd want to never talk to him again and want him to regret breaking up with me. What does all this mean?


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  • Theres nothing wrong with you! I was in the same situation a month ago and was miserable. My mom told me to read the books by this author link

    I was totally like no way mom this isn't going to help me feel any better. I considered reading one called Mars and Venus on a Date. Sounds super cheesy but this book was awesome. It helps you understand the differeces betweeen men and women and relationships, but there are also other books that may fit what you're looking for. I'm telling you, really consider reading one it makes you feel so much better!

  • you love him.


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