Ex girlfriend that I only dated for a month has for three times told me about these new guys she's with. Also note she broke up with me. HELP?

So I'm a junior currently and last year I had my first relationship with this girl which lasted for only a month due to her dad apparently disapproving of me due to her not being around the family that much and me not talking to them that much. we stayed as friends for some time afterwards but two weeks later she goes ahead and tells me she's going out with this guy she told me about before hand but told me not to worry about, and she told me when they're going on dates... this of course messed with me so I stopped talking to her and quite a few months passed before I thought maybe I can amend stuff and be on good terms. So beginning of junior year I texted her for a week when again she told me about a new guy she's interested in and told me about getting his phone number and going to hangout with him, again I immediately stopped texting her. Finally, recently she reached out to me and texted me again like everything was normal for about a few days but she started off by asking If I still had formal pictures since she wanted to show someone, then she didn't text me for a bit and told me "sorry I was with someone who didn't like me on my phone" then she tells me about this new guy she's with since the last guy didn't work out and told me about getting drives home from him, going out and about with him, and staying at his house for a couple of hours after dark since her dad doesn't get home till 8... and she even had the audacity to send me pictures of all these guys and even a video of her in the newest guy's car. I have stopped texting her ever since but I have to constantly see her in one of my classes. At this point I'm very annoyed with her and only having tinges of jealously but I maintain my composure. My question is why is she going out of her way to do this three times now? it's purely immature and petty to try to do something like this and it seems obvious that she's trying to make me jealous.


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  • She's immature, and trying to mess with your head,
    Only way for you to play is smile, say good for you, and just leave her completely alone and do your own thing.
    Don't give her a hint of a negative reaction


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  • She may just want to show that she's moved on but may still want you as a friend and to be able to talk about this stuff with you. Instead of keep ignoring her just let her know your happy for her but this isn't stuff you typically talk about with friends...

    • In reality, this isn't what you talk about with someone that you have dated and she has done this EVERYTIME we had talked after the breakup

    • Well let her know, just because it seems like common sense to you doesn't mean it is. Some people need things explained... everything explained -lol. I have had ex's like this. Don't let it bother you esp. if it's a revolving door...

    • Thing is we don't talk to each other at all in person now but she seems so fine texting me and she doesn't seem to care for me at all. She also has been known to be a little off in her head which I can vouch for as she has told me a pretty broad range of her life while we dated. But her personality also makes it more plausible that she intended to try to make me jealous because she had always shown a bit of how should I say this... childishness or pettiness? Towards most people and is very antisocial unless with friends. In reality if you were to date her, just be prepared for a boatload of things to carry and try to support her the best you can cuz she can be a handful.

  • She is trying to make you jealous


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