Have you ever blocked someone and then unblocked them? what was the reason?

my ex blocked me because he had a new girlfriend and then three months later unblocked me


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  • You typically block someone because they annoy you, but if you unblock them, it's because you're curious and want to still be able to stalk their profile. This is what I'm guessing your ex is doing.


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  • Yes, when I had a Husband out in Egypt, A million times Over.. Block and Unblock. It became a "Full Circle Problem Pattern."
    However, like any Media Site, Many of us 'Block.' I myself have Done this at times, where I will give Someone a Second Chance, but when I Realize it isn't Going to Work... I Pushed a Button again to Re-block, where I then Moved on.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I blocked some people on here then months later unblocked them thinking they wouldn't bother me again, but nup, I got messages from them almost instantly.

    • what did you do when they messaged you?

    • Well they were some pretty creepy messages, so I blocked them again.

  • I blocked an ex years ago when we broke up, I sent a paragraph rant to him angry as anything because he just walked out and I quickly blocked to avoid any problems to come from the message I had sent. I eventually unblocked him not because I wanted to see what he was doing, I've always been too scared to go back onto his profile. But because I wanted him to see what I was doing, we had a lot of mutual friends and I knew all of his closest friends. It worked because he returned and told me he couldn't avoid me. Haha. But I had an ex block me when he got into a relationship, all my social media and number, but then within weeks unblocked me and kept trying to contact me. Turned out that he missed me and wanted to talk but didn't know how to. Maybe it's one of those reasons


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