I love my boyfriend. He loves me too, but I feel he doesn't love me enough. I broke up with him 3 days ago and I now regret it. Is it a good decision?

I broke up with him because his love changed. We had a long distance relationship, but he moved recently in the same city. The problem is he still won't go out with me because 'it's too far' or 'he's tired'. It is true that both of us don't have lots of time to go out, but he doesn't even tell me he misses me or that he would like to see me. I think he got used to the fact that he didn't see me. Also, he wouldn't talk that much online either. And I need affection. I need him to tell me he loves me. When I broke up with him, he was wasted. We cried both like children. He said he was stupid and he will TRY to change his attitude. But I thought 'I don't want to force him to love me.' Shit is that now I regret him and I miss him and I love him. Also, when I wanted to broke up with him I wasn't sure but a friend of mine asked me 'Do you think he will change and treat you how you want forever? He will treat you right a month or two then he will change again.' I don't even know what my question is. Feelings are too strong. What do you think about all this? Do you think it was a smart decision to broke up. We love each other...


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  • You messed up. If he's smart, he won't take you back. Learn from this.

    • So it was ok for me to stay in the relationship and always initiate dates, always ask him if he misses me, always be sad because he won't even talk to me?

      I won't ask him to take me back.

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  • You shouldn't break , you could just. say him , i wannaa see how. much is your love to me and i want to see what can. you do for me. to chance my ideas about you.. i will. wait till. you do.. in. this. time i will give. just short seperation...

    • I already had a forced pause from the relationship.

      Because he didn't talk to me anymore...

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  • Meh. You'll get over it.


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  • I really get where your coming from. It sucks when two people are really into each other and the boy starts taking for granted what he has and doesn't make an effort. It's happened to me before too and it's horrible. However I spent 2 years in the relationship because I loved him so much and wanted him to behave the way he was at the beginning.
    My advice would be don't hold onto the past. Get out of the relationship if it wasn't making you happy. Or at least for now don't contact him. Wait 30 days and in that time work on yourself. If he hasn't messaged u 30 days later then if u feel like it give him a text asking how he is and go from there.
    But if he's not going to make an effort and realize what he has, then he's not worth your time.
    I hate how girls, me included, put up with these guys that say they love u but don't put effort in. Actions speak louder then words. If ur not happy then move on and it will get better and then when ur back to ur normal self again u will find a guy that's truly there for u.


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