I (30M) am hanging out with my ex-girlfriend (28F) for the first time since our break-up this week. Advice?

I wrote a long heartfelt letter to my ex (who I was with for 11 months) who I hadn't talked to in 6 weeks. Basically, apologized for some things that I did that contributed to her dumping me. I got a text from her the day after I sent the letter and she said she appreciated it and missed having me around too. We then had some casual conversations. A few days later, she texted me and asked what I wanted from this after the letter. I told her I wanted to try to reconnect and try to make it work, she said we have some things to work but would try. Since then we've been texting everyday like we used to do. We are getting together for the first time this Saturday. I am nervous that she isn't in love with me anymore as much as I love her. I am pretty anxious and scared about her not being able to love me again. Any advice? I would really appreciate it!


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  • Don't be anxious! Her texting you everyday is a positive sign already. I think she's genuinely trying to reconnect with you again. Don't stress yourself. Just be a good man you promised to be and good luck! :)

    • Thanks for the reply. I didn't think I was ever going to get one for this question. Not being anxious is easier said than done. I'm trying to get out of my head as much as possible. I do think all the texting is a very good sign.

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    • Thanks for everything. It went well. We were both positive the whole night. Lots of laughs too. We kissed a bit at the end of the night. We plan to do a small hike on together with her cousin on Friday. I'm really hoping we can continue to progress. I still have feelings for her for sure. I do still have worries that she isn't as into it as I am though.

    • That sounds really great. You can never be sure if or make a person be into you as much as you are into them. So stop worrying 'cause it's useless. Easier said than done I know but it's something you have no control of. You just gotta give your best shot and just live in the moment! Good luck on Friday and you're welcome! :)

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  • Be prepared to walk away, be ready for her to not love you.


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