Can I get my ex back? Will he want me?

Me and my now ex-bf started going out after I moved from to Australia. We had known each other before and were friends. We kept this long distance relationship going for 14months. We loved each other, so much, and we talked about getting married quite a lot, even though I'm only 17 and he's 18. We gave so much of ourselves to each other. But we started fighting, quite a lot, and mostly it was my fault, and mostly it was because I was jealous. I wanted him all to myself. I wanted to be the most amazing, funny, interesting, smart and beautiful girl he knew. And he started changing a bit. Not much, though, anyone could deal with it. I fought with him over so many stupid things, and we nearly broke up so many time before, in the last 3 months. The last time we were about to break up we couldn't do it. We talked about it and decided on a 2 day break, but he ended up not talking to me for 4 days instead. During those 4 days I realized how much it sucked to not be able to talk to him and how much I miss him and how stupid I've been and swore I was going to change. But then he broke up with me. He told me I was the most amazing, funny,interesting,beautiful,smart girl he knew and he'd always love me. And I begged and cried and pleaded for him on Skype to not do this, but he did. And over the next 3 days I still tried. And then he said that he was over me. That he didn't know if he loved me. But I don't believe him, after all we've been through, I can't believe it. I know he loved me, so much, he really truly loved me so much, and wanted to marry me and be with me forever. He got a ticket to Australia to come see me. He cried when he broke up with me. And he still wears the necklace and stuff we bought each other and his Facebook and bebo page still say he loves me and stuff on it. I think he's the most amazing guy I've ever met or will meet and I want him back SO f***ing bad. How can I get him back? Will he take me back? Do any dumpers want their dumpees back? I just want him back.


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  • Don't get back with him.


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