Should I end it with my new guy?

My ex and I broke up 2 years ago and it was really difficult getting over it. I have for the most part overcome it and I am doing fine, but on a very deep level, a part of me is still hurt about having lost this person in my life (or the idea of them).

I am seeing someone and this is the first person whom I've experienced intimacy with after the breakup... however, even though there is intimacy, at times I feel there is a lack of connection.
Sometimes I wonder why is this guy with me? (something my ex always used to ask me)... He is quite detached and so am I (at times), so I guess that is not really a good match. But the reason we got together was because 'it felt so right' and to have fit so perfectly emotionally. However, it was me who asked him - even though it was him at first who i think wanted to say he liked me but i shut him out because i didn't feel ready then.

We have now been going out for 5 months now and we both have not even said I love you yet... We both came out of really long term relationships (me 4 years, him 6 yrs)... so I don't know... Maybe we both aren't ready for a relationship and should not be together... What do you think?

i am 25 and he is 30


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's a tough call, but I would say that you don't seem ready for a new relationship. I think two years ago is too long with regards to getting over a relationship. If it's taking that long, my feel is that you don't want to get over it and you're doing things to keep yourself hanging onto that old relationship. When you do that, you undermine all of your new relationships so who is to say what's really going on between you and the new guy?

    In the end, it's up to you. If you enjoy the relationship with the new guy, then keep going with it and see where it goes. I don't see how it's relevant that you two haven't said "I love you" yet. This is all about whether or not you two enjoy each others company right now.


What Girls Said 2

  • ... I literally asked the same exact question. That's so creepy lol. Except in my situation the guy is head over heels in love but I'm still hurting.

  • Why is it important that you haven't said "I love you", why rush? Just relax and let things go at their own pace.


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