Is this cheating?

I have a boyfriend of many years, but last night I cuddled with my best guy friend because he asked me to. He is dealing with a really bad break up and we are really close. He asked me to cuddle with him for "therapy". We hugged in the bed face to face and he stroked my hair, and then we spooned as well. He also kissed me on the forehead once. He's also mentioned many times before that he feels attracted to me and that if I ever broke up with my boyfriend he knows we would be together. I have told him every single time that it would be out of the question.

I do also tell him that I am having problems with my boyfriend recently. When we were cuddling I did not feel any attraction towards him but I know that he did because he told me that I'm "hot" ...but that he respects me.

I honestly felt no attraction towards him and only did it because he said it would comfort him.

However I can't shake the guilty feeling and haven't slept the entire night. Did I cheat on my boyfriend? I love my boyfriend very much.

thank you!
Is this cheating?
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