Why is he doing this to me?

My boyfriend dumped me via text a little more than a week ago. We've been together about 2 years. We had had a fight about moving in together earlier in the day , but we resolved it and even talked future plans. Revisiting the moving in thing sometime next yr. Before I left his place that day, i made sure to ask if everything was ok between us. He said we were great, he loved me etc. He kissed me hugged me and said we'd e stronger.
Five hrs later he dumped me over text saying it was over and no explanation. And i haven't heard from him since. I have a bunch of stuff at his place that im unable to get. i also had somethings mailed to his house the day before this happened and im unable to get those as well because theyre sitting in the post office and yoy need the delivery slip to pick them up. After 2 years together and we aren't kids, im 36 and he's 45 , and there are kids involved that are all attached to each other, that he would or could do this to me to us to the kids... im baffled that after 1 fight he let it go. Does ge just need space before trying to talk? I don't know what to do... i admit the days following the dump i blew up his phone demanding answers. But i haven't tried to contact in goinv on 4 days. This is something you expect teens or early 20 somethings dating a couple months to do. But an established couple committed to each other who besides this fight had a wonderful relationship. Im heartbroken. What should I do? any advice helpful. thank you.
Why is he doing this to me?
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